To insure all communication reaches every resident of Beaumont Park Townhomes, we are requesting that all members please provide us with updated information. Please e-mail Sara Wilson,, your updated e-mail and mailing address, as well as phone number. Thank you in advance for helping us effectively communicating with you!


CRM would again like to communicate our sincerest apologies’ for the trouble concerning the irrigation system. We know that many of you have been very frustrated and concerned. We would like to say that all irrigation is up and working at this time. Now that this is system is working we will being replacing landscaping as needed.


CRM and the Board of Directors are in the beginning stages of working with a website design company to start a website for Beaumont Park! We are very excited to announce this and hope this website will increase communication, understanding, and knowledge about this beautiful Townhome association!

Social Events

Come join us for a great time on Fridays at Moon Dance!

  • 8/12- Other Brothers
  • 8/19- March Madness Marching Band
  • 8/26- Beatles Tribute Band

Please Join us for these great social gatherings with friends and neighbors!

A Few Friendly Reminders

  • Please remember to pick up after your pets.
  • Pets may not run lose through Beaumont Park. All pets must be leashed.

Common Use and Enjoyment Committee

The purpose of the Common Use and Enjoyment Committee is to inspect the common areas within the association and report common area use and landscape maintenance issues, violations, as well as any suggested association social events, to the Board Representative for forwarding to CRM and the Board of Directors for review and consideration.

The Committee Chair may call voluntary meetings to discuss committee concerns amongst its members. The chair will be responsible for compiling the notes and/or highlights from all its members for the Board of Directors to review and quarterly Board Meetings. This committee will report to

the Board of Directors at Board meetings as to the progress and status of ongoing common area use and maintenance issues, as well as violations. This Committee will have no less than two members from the neighborhood.

What exactly is a Reserve Study?

The BPTH Covenants require a Reserve Study be done for the HOA. Each and every property, or Association, has Assets that belong to the Association as well as all of the residents. These assets range from Mechanical Values such as plumbing, and backflow preventers to tangible assets such as clubhouses, common roofs, fencing, side-
walks, common areas, and landscaping to exterior needs such as painting, driveways, streets, irrigation systems, tennis courts, basket- ball courts, pools, etc. All of these assets have a life expectancy of how long they will last or when they will possibly wear out. Some may need it sooner for upkeep sake, such as painting. The wellbeing and functionality of each asset of an Association is what helps keep the value high for each Association and individual units. It is the responsibility of the Associations Board Of Directors to make sure all of these things are kept in great working order and/or appearance. Part of the dues paid by the Residents/Members are supposed to be designated to be reserved for the future needs of these Assets and to make sure the correct amount of money is indeed separated for those future needs. With that being said it is obviously necessary to do everything possible to know this amount plus the expected life cycle of every Asset so as to be ready when the time comes to replace, repair or refurbish these Assets. A Reserve Study will provide all of this.

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